Acropolis Exploring Tour

Archaeological Site of Acropolis, Athenian Peripatos

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We rediscover Athens through the Ancient Walk of Acropolis!!
We are heading to the “Acropolis Walk” and we hear the whispers of the Ancient Athenians.
So many monuments and memories hidden in the shadows.
Sacred Caves.. Ancient sources…
Sanctuaries dedicated to the daughters of mythical kings. . .
Sponsoring Monuments. . .Forgotten sites…

Walking along the same ancient path, on the northern, eastern and southern side of the Acropolis, where thousands of years ago the Athenians used to walk during the afternoon hours, we would be amazed
by the sponsoring monuments in which the sponsors used to place their prizes, as well as by the Theater of Dionysus, the Sanctuary of Asclepius and other less popular monuments that hide important stories of the city. The completion of the program takes place with our visit and acquaintance with the classical buildings and monuments of the Acropolis on the Sacred Rock.


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