Athens Street Art Photography Tour | Plaka

Streets art full of inspiration and stories to reveal. . .

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Join us in a tour of the streets of Athens in a well know area called Anafiotika. Following an expert guide for a course on photographic creativity with this Anafiotika street art photography tour we will discover the hidden stories that this region’s street art work has to reveal to us.

A beautiful region, that reminds us of the feeling that the Greek islands offer us, situated right under the historical archeological monument of Acropolis. It is part of the old historical neighborhood of Plaka lying at the northerneast side of the Acropolis hill.

The actual surprise in this region near the most well- known archeological monument is that within Anafiotika’s maze of narrow streets and stone houses you find a lot of street art full of inspiration and stories to reveal. Even in this picturesque area artists where inspired from this region’s view that the ancient Greek civilization brought them to the point to feel the need to combine the art of antiquity with a modern way of expression.

Starting our walk from the rue of Tholos we will discover a colorful area where each street art has a story to tell. Walking through our pathway in this beautiful simulation of our civilization we will find along our way beautiful local components among with some of the street art whose artists are known worldwide.

As we wander around the hidden and mysterious narrow pathways of this arty world where any surface can be a canvas, we will get to know throughout their paintings some of the artists that are active in the area while learning how to get the most out of our chosen camera.

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