War, science and art in Ancient Times. A walk, together with Hephaestus

Following Hephaestus from the Ancient Agora at the Herakleidon Museum

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Hephaestus is the god of blacksmiths and fire. Just like Hera’s golden throne, Hephaestus’ creations were masterworks.
No one but him was able to build the beautiful, indestructible bronze mansions where all the other Olympians lived.
In the “Iliad,” Homer tells us that Hephaestus had fashioned for himself handmaidens of gold, who were able to understand him, speak to him and assist him. And they weren’t the only creations of this kind. Among other automata, Hephaestus sculpted golden dogs to guard the palace of Alcinous, and Talos, a giant bronze humanlike automaton to protect Crete. Some even say that, at the request of Zeus, he also sculpted the first mortal woman, Pandora.
After all, Hephaestus was the creator of some of the most stunning pieces of military equipment ever seen. The most famous of all, as a favor to Thetis, he created the shield of Achilles, whose five bronze layers he masterfully engraved with scenes representing almost all aspects of life.
During this walk, we will follow Hephaestus from the Ancient Agora at the Herakleidon Museum to explore, observe and visualize:
 The myth concerning Greek Ancient Technology
 The reality of being an inventor in Ancient Times
 The combination between Religion, Politics and the use of Technology
 The marvelous achievements of the ancient Greeks in applying technology to economy, public works, war efforts.

First Stop. Ancient Agora of Athens

Presenting the Temple of Hephaestus and the god of blacksmiths and fire.

Second Stop. A walk in the Ancient Agora. “Learning about democracy and philosophy”.

Third Stop. Greek Ancient Technology - War Machines, Communications, Navigation.

Final Stop. Automata. “Getting to know automatic machines and masterpieces that were referred to by Homer In the “Iliad”. From handmaidens of gold to the automata and the Antikythera mechanism”.

A snack - Greek Kerasma


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The tour is scheduled for a max of 20 participants.

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