A Geomythic Experience in GREECE

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A truly unique opportunity to experience the Greek islands differently. We will follow the trail of geological clues that lead to the formation of the Greek islands and the wonders that are hidden deep within the earth.
The traveler will have the chance to gather samples of rare minerals and crystals of extraordinary beauty, all under the guidance and supervision of geologists and mineral aficionados with great field research experience.
We will visit sites of great geological interest and learn about the processes that lead to the creation of famous landmarks such as the granodiorite mount of “Plaka” in Laurium or the islands of the Aegean.
We will learn about the great mining history of these sites and experience ourselves the mines and the labour of the workers that have been mining the earth since ancient times.
All this and more, while taking a luxury tour of the islands to view the beautiful scenic landscapes and take a dip in the waters of the Aegean.
This type of tour has never been organized before and we are proud to be pioneers in designing and hosting it.

Day 1 - Athens: Acropolis: “The ancient walk and the sacred rock” and the Acropolis Museum, “Goulandri's” Natural History Museum

Day 2 - Milos island:The mines of “Vani” and “Paliorema” Sailing tour Towards “Vani – Kleftiko”, with opportunity for a swim, Off-Road 4x4 Geo-Trip. “Paliorema” – Sulfur mines. In search of sulfur crystals with Alunite and Quartz, Mineral museum of Milos, guided tour, “Mineral Market”

Day 3 - Milos island: Catacombs and “Nichia” (Nails) site. Ancient obsidian mine

Day 4 -Serifos island: Geological tour of the old mines and “Avisalos” area.

Day 5 - Serifos island: Mineralogical museum of Serifos, “Mineral Market”

Day 6 – Laurium: Laurium Mineralogical museum, Visit to the mining waste site where the prettiest form of Annabergite -nickel crystals in the world can be found, Ancient silver washing plants, Industrial railroad tunnel and “Paron” mining tunnel, Mineralogical museum of Kamariza”, “Mineral Market", Beach party

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, preserves sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece.

Laurium or Lavrio or Lavrion is a town in southeastern part of Attica, Greece. It is the seat of the municipality of Lavreotiki. Laurium was famous in Classical antiquity for its silver mines, which was one of the chief sources of revenue of the Athenian state. The meta_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_enllic silver was main_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_en_enly used for coinage

Serifos is a Greek island municipality in the Aegean Sea, located in the western Cyclades, south of Kythnos and northwest of Sifnos. It is part of the Milos regional unit. The area is 75.207 square kilometres and the population was 1,420 at the 2011 census. It is located about 170 kilometres ESE of Piraeus.

Milos or Melos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just north of the Sea of Crete. Milos is the southwesternmost island in the Cyclades group. The Venus de Milo and the Asclepius of Milos were both found on the island, as were a Poseidon and an archaic Apollo now in Athens

A minimum of 7 participants is required.
The tour is scheduled for a max of 12 participants.


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