Athens- Delphi – Cave of Korykeion Andron – Arachova

Discovering the navel of Earth

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  • Δελφοί, Φωκίδα
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(English) Excursion to the famous ancient sanctuary of Delphi!

The sanctuary of Delphi, is located within a spectacular landscape at the foot of Mount Parnassos in an environment of absolute peacefulness and tranquility. The sanctuary of Delphi was for many centuries the cultural and religious center and symbol of unity for the Hellenic world as it was considered to be the most famous oracle of ancient Greece. The Delphic oracle, which was regarded as the most trustworthy, was at its peak and it was delivered by the Pythia, the priestess, and interpreted by the priests of Apollo.

We invite you to visit with us, the sanctuary of Delphi and to be initiated in the secrets of the Ancient Greek oracle. Join us to explore one of the most important museums which exhibits great treasures and one of the best-known statues surviving from Ancient Greece, the fine statue of Heniokhos.

Did you know that according to the legend, Korykeion Andron was considered to be the navel of earth? A cave with great history behind it and excellent acoustics, hidden at the foot of mountain Parnassos.

After being acquainted to the mysterious rituals, to the pictures of the beautiful landscape and all the scenery nature offers, we will walk towards the cosmopolitan Arachova in order to wander around its narrow streets, to buy if we want traditional products such as hand-made pasta and to admire the traditional woven fabrics in the local market before we stop for lunch.

An impressive journey that leads us from legend to reality, from the sanctuary of Delphi to the picturesque Arachova.



  • (English) Inclusions:
  • Local licensed guide,
  • Skip-the-line service,
  • Informative material,
  • Transfers,
  • VAT 24%
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  • Entrance fees,
  • Food and beverages,
  • Gratuities (gratuity rates in Greece are around 10% of service cost)


A minimum of 7 participants is required.
The tour is scheduled for a max of 12 participants.

Διαβάστε σχετικά με την πολίτική ακυρώσεων


Δεν επιτρέπεται η βιντεοσκόπηση και η ηχογράφηση των ξεναγήσεων και παρουσιάσεων χωρίς την έγγραφη άδεια του διοργανωτή.

Δεν επιτρέπεται η δημοσίευση φωτογραφικού υλικού και πληροφοριών, για εμπορική ή δημοσιογραφική χρήση, που σχετίζονται με τις δράσεις οργανωμένων περιηγήσεων της εταιρείας ΚΕΔΡΟΣ Α.Ε. χωρίς την έγγραφη άδειά της.


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Korykeion Andron

Delphi (Delphi Archaeological Museum and Archaeological Sites)


(English) Delphi (/ˈdɛlfaɪ, ˈdɛlfi/; Greek: Δελφοί [ðelˈfi]),[1] formerly also called Pytho (Πυθώ), is famous as the ancient sanctuary that grew rich as the seat of Pythia, the oracle who was consulted about important decisions throughout the ancient classical world. Moreover, the Greeks considered Delphi the navel (or centre) of the world, as represented by the stone monument known as the Omphalos of Delphi.

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